One Shoe (part of iO)

Michel van Velde geeft twee presentaties op DrupalCamp London

DrupalCamp London brengt honderden mensen van over de hele wereld samen die het Drupal-platform gebruiken, ontwikkelen, ontwerpen en ondersteunen.

One Shoe | 15 feb 2018

Oprichter en CEO van One Shoe, Michel van Velde, is tweemaal gekozen als spreker op DrupalCamp Londen, dat plaatsvindt van 2 tot 4 maart 2018. 

DrupalCamp London brengt honderden mensen van over de hele wereld samen die het Drupal-platform gebruiken, ontwikkelen, ontwerpen en ondersteunen. Tijdens DrupalCamp kun je de volgende presentaties van Michel van Velde bezoeken:

Why Drupal needs the benefits of marketing

Saturday - ELG02

In holland there is a proverb that states: unknown makes unloved. This also accounts for Drupal. Drupal is open source and does not have a professional marketing team like competitors Adobe and Sitecore. In an era of global competition, the ones that fail to succeed on all levels, including marketing, will be the losers.

When large brands stop promoting themselves, sales will drop. This also accounts for large brands like Coca Cola and British Airways. That's a fact. The Drupal CEO survey shows there is quite a bit of competition out there. Business require marketing tooling and Business need to know the benefits of Drupal. But how do you promote an open source platform which has no marketing team?

Michel van Velde, co-organizer of the Drupal CEO survey and Drupal CEO diner walks you through the survey and explains why Drupal needs marketing from a business point of view and a developers point of view. He also gives examples on how to market Drupal and explains the benefits for both the Drupal development community as well as the business community.

The 5 benefits to get organised as a local Drupal community

Saturday – ELG02

Drupal is a great success due to a very strong and committed community. But how do you organise a widely diverse community. In the Netherlands the Dutch Drupal Community has organised itself by setting up a foundation which organises Drupal community events, award shows and Training days. At first there was a community foundation. A few years later, a business orientated foundation was started to promote the Drupal Businesses. Now both associations are merged into one. Germany has recently set up a business association to promote Drupal in Germany, following the Dutch example in order to promote Drupal in a professional manner. 

In this presentation i will explain the required steps to get organised as a community as well as the critical success factors. I will also explain the 5 benefits for the community as a whole and shares my vision on why every country in Europe needs an organised representation.